Alexis Gauthier

A Vision for the Future

Alexis is a regular speaker at conferences, panels and events seeking both in-depth experience and visionary thinking around the new world of a plant-based future.

He is one of the few business leaders in the world to have moved to a side of the room and made a real commitment in removing the animal agriculture completely from his operation, and finding a truly sustainable route to a future of food, where deliciousness remains a priority alongside environmental impact, animal welfare, and health & vitality.

Alexis has advised the UK government on food policy, several international investment banks and large corporations on their future food and sustainability targets, and sat on several European food think tanks and advisory boards.

If you would like to speak to Alexis about involving him in your plans, speaking at an event, assisting in visualising sustainablity targets, sitting in think tanks or brainstorming sessions, please get in touch.